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Last update: September 21st, 2023

AI alignment

The last few months have been intense when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. AI is upending every industry, and it is doing so at a pace that is hard for society to keep up with. Over the last couple of years, I have renewed my interest in AI, and in the alignment problem in particular.

AI has the potential to completely change the world. However, there is a non-zero chance that it does so in ways that do not benefit humanity at all. The problem of misaligned incentives between AI and humans is very much real, and sadly also an area where not enough research is taking place.

I've been thinking about how to contribute to the field of AI ethics and alignment, and gathering a small group of others who share the same concerns and vision. More on this soon.

Tools for thought

Still very much thinking about how tools - software or otherwise, but mostly software - can shape and expand our abilities. The last few years have seen a ressurgence in this area, but there is a lot more work to do.

For the most part, the software one would categorize under Tools for Thought is good — but certainly not great. It is clear that the tools of today are mostly engineering driven, rather than design driven. And my perspective, which is shared by some others in the scene, is that this is first and foremost a design problem.

So I've been thinking about the ideal user experience for a tool (or set of tools) that facilitate thinking and learning. I've been working on a few ideas, and I'm hoping to share more about them soon.

Office hours

When the COVID pandemic hit, I expanded my practice of Office Hours beyond the companies I was already associated with. I made myself available to anyone who needed to talk — mostly about the topics where I feel I have something to say.

That practice has been one of the highlights of the last three years. Through these office hours I have met new people, advised a bunch of new startups, and learned a fair bit too.

Want to chat? Here's how to sign up. I normally do these on Wednesdays, but reach out if that doesn't work for you and I'll try my best to work around your schedule.